Ohio parent creates app to help children with ADHD


It may be just what parents of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, have been looking for: an application or app to help get things done.

A Cincinnati father of three kids with ADHD has created an app he said is the first task management system for ADHD families.

Richard Schramm of Cincinnati said the “iGotThis” app is complete with features for families facing the unique challenges of ADHD.

The app offers a “failsafe” reminder system which alerts kids to start and complete tasks and parental oversight so mom and dad can watch what the kids are doing from anywhere.

It also offers rewards which parents monitor and manage and even inspirational messages to encourage kids called “ADDitives.”

Schramm said the app allows parents to take a step back from nagging their kids about completing a task.

“Now as these kids are actually completing this task, what happens is a message will come to the parents saying your child has started this task or has completed this task or they haven't started the task yet, they've missed it.”

The application also has checklists, the ability to customize tasks, project tracking and planning tools for parents. Kids earn rewards for completing tasks.

Schramm said the app was based off of a system that worked for his own children and improved their self-esteem.

The app will be released in May. Users can sign up at the website, http://www.iGotThis.com.