Ohio Officials Shutting Down Zanesville Nursing Home


State officials are trying to shut down a Zanesville nursing home after an investigation turned up alleged poor patient care.  

Officials arrived at the Autumn Health Care Nursing home on Autumn Drive Thursday morning.

The Ohio Attorney General's Office said that four years of reviews failed to show any improvement at the facility.

Investigators worked with patients' families and placed hidden cameras in some of the rooms. The surveillance footage from the hidden cameras showed continued patient neglect.

"What these hidden surveillance cameras showed us was shocking and was appalling. And I must tell you, that when I talk to some of our nurses and some of our agents who reviewed these tapes, they were sickened, physically sickened, by what they saw," said Ohio AG Mike DeWine. 

The Ohio Attorney General's Office said the care was so bad that there could be criminal charges filed.

One example caught on tape that the office points to involved a patient with a stroke.

“Had his food tray placed on the side of his body that he was unable to use and our surveillance watched him not be able to eat,” said DeWine.

The health department said it is in the process of revoking Autumn Health Care's license, but the process could take 60 days. The nursing home does have the option to appeal the decision.  

Before Ruth Sielet's mother died, she says she spent four years at Autumn Health Care.

“My mother would say they would throw the covers off me at 5:30 in the morning and tell me I would have to get up,” said Ruth.

Ruth said she began to complain when she found her 94-year-old mother in the bathroom with no one to help her.

“I was in the office quite a few times and I would complain she would be on the commode for 30 to 45 minutes,” added Ruth.

A relocation team from the state is at the scene helping residents find other locations to stay. Patients who want to remain at the facility can at this time.

This is the fifth time since 2012 that a nursing home license has been revoked in Ohio, according to officials.  

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