Ohio mom who went back to work after daughter shot pleads guilty

Ashland County Sheriff's Office

ASHLAND, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio woman who went back to work and delayed care after her 8-year-old son shot his 4-year-old sister multiple times with a rifle has pleaded guilty to child endangerment.

The Ashland Times-Gazette reports 28-year-old Alyssa Edwards' plea Monday in Ashland County comes a week before her trial.

Edwards came home after learning of the shooting March 3, bandaged the girl and returned to work. Prosecutors say she decided to take her to the hospital later that day when she noticed urine trickling from a stomach wound.

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The children were alone when the shooting occurred. The girl has since recovered.

A judge vacated a no-contact order Monday to allow Edwards to visit her children, who are in county custody.

Edwards' attorney wasn't immediately available for comment Tuesday.