Ohio medical experts travel to Kenya to perform surgery


A group of Central Ohio medical experts is taking its collective talents international to help save lives. They are part of what’s called the Kisumu Neuroscience Initiative, which is led by OhioHealth neurosurgeon Dr. Victor Awuor.

Dr. Awuor and a colleague will lead a team to the city of Kisumu in the east African nation of Kenya.

The team, which includes surgeons, nurses, and scrub technicians, will treat patients who have traumatic brain injuries, tumors and other neurosurgical conditions.

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Dr. Awuor did an inaugural trip for the initiative last year. The mission was personal as he was born and raised in Kisumu.

As a medical professional he learned that Kenya with a population of 48 million people has only 20 neurosurgeons.

“It's huge really because they don't have access to neurosurgery,” Dr. Awuor said. “They often have to travel to get neurosurgical care.”

In May 2018, the OhioHealth neurosurgeon joined forces with surgeons from the U.S. and Germany to perform 23 surgeries in Kenya in just 10 days.

Dr. Awuor said this year’s team will spend two weeks working to help people.

Treatments, procedures, and even surgeries are performed free. Patients are only financially responsible for hospital stays.