Ohio Lawmaker Wants To See Metal Detectors At Every School


Knives, box cutters and screwdrivers would never clear an airport security scanner.

But those items, along with guns and other weapons, could pass through the doors of most Ohio schools without detection.

“Years ago the worst thing you could get at the school was a bloody nose, today that's not the case,” said Democratic state Rep. Bill Patmon.

Patmon wants schools to have the option to put metal detectors at the front door of every school to prevent another school shooting like the one last year at a high school in Chardon, Ohio.

“Hopefully, it will be a deterrent to anybody who is bringing a gun knife or a weapon into school,” he added.

One school security expert took issue with the plan when he talked to WBNS-10TV.

“I would take training staff, crisis intervention teams having prevention in place any day before I would jump to metal detectors that may or may not be used effectively,” said Ken Trump, President of the National School Safety and Security Services.

Parents are divided on the idea.

“I like the idea that they have the idea to opt in and, yeah, as a parent you like to know they have that option,” said one parent.

“It's not a necessity we need when they are falling behind on some many other things,” said another.

Patmon said security at airports and even shopping malls are designed to stop criminal behavior. He asks why isn't the same protection afforded to our children?

“I don't think that we should do any less for school children,” said Patmon.

Under Patmon’s proposal, the state would have to apply for homeland security dollars to pay for the metal detectors.

House Bill 519 will be introduced to the house education committee on Tuesday.

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