Ohio high school students won't have to be proficient in math or English to graduate under state plan

File Photo (Credit: DONGSEON KIM / Shutterstock.com)

Should high school students be proficient in basic English and math?

The debate is at the crux of a proposal by the State Superintendent of Schools to change the requirements to earn an Ohio high school diploma.

If the plan passes, Ohio high school seniors graduating in 2023 won't have to be proficient in Algebra 1 and English II. They would only need to be "competent."

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Under the plan, students would need a score of 682 on math and 679 in English to be considered "competent."

When asked if a student who is competent or proficient means they are college or job-ready, the state superintendent of schools had a hard time answering that.

"Competency doesn't necessarily imply college-ready and this board has had that discussion before and in some respects neither does proficiency," Superintendent Paolo DeMaria said.

Under the proposal, students who don't pass the test must show advanced skills in other areas of their own choice, either in a trade skill or enlist in the military.

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