Ohio company announces plans to make Longaberger branded baskets

Longaberger building in Newark, Ohio (Drew Anderson / WBNS-10TV)

Dresden and Company has reached an agreement with Xcel Brands into a license for the manufacturing of the iconic Longaberger handcrafted baskets.

Co-Founder and CEO of Dresden and Company Jim Lepi and XCEL Brands CEO Robert W. D'Loren issued the announcement on Wednesday.

“From our first meeting, it was clear to me that Mr. D’Loren is a marketing genius. He has innovative ideas for Longaberger that include leveraging social media to drive sales through existing sales channels; we are fortunate to be included in his plans for a quick start and a fast-moving venture,” Lepi said.

“I am very familiar with the Longaberger Company, community and family, having served on the company’s board of directors for two years beginning in 2006. We’re excited to build the long history of this brand and its engaged customer and home sales associate community," D'Loren said. "The Longaberger Company is known throughout the country and we’re looking forward to bringing this brand into the future.”