Ohio Bobcats No Longer Endangered In The State


There is some good news for fans of Ohio bobcats (the animals, not the university).

The bobcat may soon be removed from the endangered species list.

State biologists have recommended to the state that the animal be moved off the list.

"It's great news, because it shows the population is on a steady increase and shows good health," said Susie Vance, the Natural Resources Administrator at Ohio Division of Wildlife.  "We started monitoring sightings in the 1990s, and we've watched the bobcat population come back."

Vance tells 10TV that the bobcat was one of the first animals put on the list 40 years ago.

She says verified sightings of the cat have increased this past decade.

The agency will consider the findings and make a decision on whether to officially remove the bobcat from the endangered listing.  That decision could be made by spring.

If removed from the endangered list, the bobcat would still be a "protected species," which would protect them from hunting or trapping.