Ohio AG DeWine Says Medical Marijuana Vote Likely In Ohio


Noting that he's seen the polls showing overwhelming support for medical marijuana in Ohio, Attorney General Mike DeWine says he'd defend the new law but worries about how it will be written.

"I think we have to be very careful, I would want to see that constraints are put in place to do that," DeWine told 10TV.  "Ultimately, it's going to come to a vote for the voters of the state of Ohio.  We will follow whatever law that the voters approve."

So far, 23 states across the country have legalized medical marijuana.  Supporters in Ohio had hoped for a ballot initiative this year but failed in their effort to get enough petition signatures.

"I understand people want to use that for medical purposes,” said DeWine.  “If that was with a doctor’s permission, I understand people’s desire to do that.”

But DeWine says he opposes any effort to make pot legal for everyone like the law approved in Colorado.

“I think what's going to be the key here is that the devil is in the details,” said DeWine.  “We're going to have to see how that's going to work out so that it doesn't become just a free for all in the state and we end of doing what Colorado is doing, which is to have marijuana that is totally available to any adult."

DeWine's challenger David Pepper says he supports medical marijuana if the law is structured the right way.

Pepper's campaign says that states that have allowed legal medical marijuana have seen a "substantial drop in prescription drug overdose deaths."

DeWine is our newsmaker on 10TVs Capitol Square this Sunday at 11:30 am.