Ohio AG announces funding for law enforcement to differentiate between hemp and marijuana

File photo (Nizz / Shutterstock.com)

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost announced the creation of a Major Marijuana Trafficking Grant Program to assist law enforcement in differentiating between hemp and marijuana.

The grant will provide $50,000 in funding for agencies to have large quantities of marijuana tested in accredited laboratories that have the capabilities to quantify THC.

“Just because the law changed, it doesn’t mean the bad guys get a ‘get of out of jail free’ card,” Yost said. “We are equipping law enforcement with the resources to do their jobs.”

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The grant comes after Gov. Mike DeWine signed a bill into law that legalized hemp.

The law changed the definition of marijuana to exclude hemp, which is defined as cannabis containing not more than 0.3% THC.

With the change, marijuana cannot be identified by standard techniques. Quantitative analysis is necessary to determine THC levels.