Officials: Crypto outbreak to get worse, before it gets better


Columbus public health officials say they expect the crypto outbreak to get worse, before it gets better.

Cases of the stomach illness are nearing 300 and experts say even though there is an increased awareness, managing the disease will take some time.

Health officials say the crypto outbreak could continue to grow for at least the next several weeks.

But the end of pool season is close and they're hoping that slows this outbreak down.

“This is not unique to us,” Jose Rodriguez of Columbus Public Health said. “It's happened before, and it's happening in other places.”

Rodriguez said it's been worse. Back in 2008, there were nearly 500 reported Crypto cases and with the right circumstances the numbers will continue to grow this year.

“These outbreaks can be fairly unpredictable, so right now we know we are likely to see increases within the next few weeks, perhaps into the next few months,” Rodriguez said.

He also said the increase of cases has a lot to do with people just now learning what exactly crypto is.

“So if they're having symptoms now, they're going to the doctor, getting tested, we're getting more cases,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez says they're still notifying pool operators about the outbreak, which include apartment complexes, hotels and rec centers.

He said that there are thousands of pools in both Franklin and Delaware counties.

“We've recommended that they hyper or super chlorinate to help kill crypto in their systems,” Rodriguez said. “So hopefully they have done that.”

Dublin along with Columbus closed their pools down for 24 hours last week to "hyper chlorinate" their water as a precaution, even as the summer and pool season nears an end.

Dublin pools will remain open through Labor Day.