Officials call for review of security procedures after accused murderer accessed state offices

Riffe Center

State officials are now calling for a review of security procedures one day after a 10 Investigates report.

10 Investigates broke the story Thursday, reporting how a convicted violent felon gained access to an upper floor of a lawmakers’ office tower without an appointment or an ID.

Signs inside the Riffe Center are clear – all visitors need a valid ID.

But 10 Investigates Anthony Pardon somehow managed to gain access to the 10th floor on January 29 where he met with an aide to Rep. Bernadine Kennedy Kent.

That was the same day the body of 24-year old Rachael Anderson was discovered in the closet of her Columbus apartment.

Pardon is charged with her rape, kidnapping and murder.

At the time of his visit to the Riffe Center… he was not a suspect.

Emails obtained by 10 Investigates show Pardon met with a legislative aide to ask about getting a state issued ID.

That aide later told House leadership she was “uneasy” about the meeting and scared.

While Kent says her office later helped Pardon obtain and ID, newly uncovered emails show the aide said Pardon told her he wanted to take his could take his driving test so he could travel.

Pardon was arrested a week later for Anderson’s murder.

Democratic House officials now are calling for a review of security procedures.