Officer helps boy with autism who called 911 over missing teddy bear


A New Jersey family is thanking a local police officer for his kindness after he helped their son with autism find his lost teddy bear.

Twelve-year-old Ryan Paul became frazzled when his beloved teddy bear went missing last week.

Instead of asking his parents for help, Ryan called 911.

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"So, they called back to see if there was a problem and when I picked up the phone they were like ‘this is Woodbridge police did someone dial 911?’" Ryan’s dad Robert Paul said.

Robert soon realized what happened and explained to the dispatcher that there was no emergency at their home.

But in Woodbridge Township, it is policy that an officer go to the residence of any 911 hang-ups.

Officer Kahari Manzini arrived just a few minutes later. The rookie cop had received specialized training to assist in autism recognition and response.

"Whenever we could use that training to make sure to not only keep ourselves safe but those folks that were helping out safe, you know it makes a great difference,” Officer Manzini said.

In the end, Ryan’s teddy bear was found right on the side of his bed.

"You know he couldn't have been more accommodating and understanding. It was really great,” Robert said.