Officer checks on elderly woman then mows her overgrown lawn in full uniform

(Photo via Orono Police Department)

A Minnesota police officer is being praised for going above and beyond the call of duty – with a lawnmower.

Orono Police Officer Matt Siltala responded to a welfare check last week at an elderly woman's home. After seeing she was OK, the officer asked about her home's overgrown grass. The woman told Officer Siltala that she doesn't have anyone to mow for her. Officer Siltala then grabbed her mower and cut the lawn.

In a Facebook photo, Siltala is seen pushing a gas-powered mower, while still in his uniform, through thick grass beside the woman's driveway.

"I cannot say how proud stuff like this makes us," said the Orono police staffer who wrote the post.

Orono Police said in a followup comment that other people have since inquired about helping the woman.

"Kindness and compassion needs to be taught from a young age. Love wins again," said one commenter on Facebook. "Thank you to the officer who took the time to help this lady out. Remember everyone you will be elderly some day."