Officer Anthony Morelli honored in Westerville North High School gym


WESTERVILLE, Ohio – Saturday marks three weeks since Westerville lost two police officers.

Eric Joering and Anthony Morelli were shot to death while answering a 911 call.

On Friday, Westerville North High School paid tribute to Anthony Morelli, a long time school resource officer.

10TV's Bryant Somerville shows you what he meant to the Warriors:

This gym is different.

Westerville North felt different Friday when you walked in because of the corner we're standing in.

We'll get back to that.

New Albany High, the opponent on Friday but you wouldn't know it to look at their shirts.

Their head coach, Sam Davis in the black shirt there, honored to be a part of this, a moment bigger than the game he coaches and bigger than anyone in attendance Friday because of one person, one person who can't be here and usually is.

Westerville North coach Sam Trussly misses him.

And Kendra misses him too. Her son and Anthony Morelli's son graduated together.

Officer Morelli, the man in the corner. He was genuine, kind and always smiling. She knows it's cliche but she says he had a smile that lit up the room and his life, she says, something to cheer about.

That's what Friday night was all about, not basketball.

It's about Morelli, honoring him, his dedication to community and unselfish sacrifice to that community.

That's why Joe and Lisa are here and their sons Ben and Eli, wearing shirts in honor of Morelli.

A time-out in the game.

Westerville is up big. Morelli would have liked that.

Going back to that corner now.

That corner, his corner, where Officer Morelli would always stand while patrolling games.

And to honor that, a picture of his badge to forever be seen, to forever be remembered, to forever be a part of the community he served.


That memorial was unveiled before the start of Friday's game.

Officer Morelli's wife, son and daughter there were for the emotional moment.