ODOT prepares for winter weather advisory, slick roads


The Ohio Department of Transportation says 100 crews will be out Wednesday night to treat roads ahead of Thursday morning weather.

"We spent the last couple weeks getting our trucks ready," Dan Hale said.

Hale is one of the highway technicians who will be out.

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"We had a couple good snow storms last year, but I think we were on it," he said. "[I] think we did OK and we'll be ready this year."

Wednesday, ODOT spent the day taking trucks through inspection with mechanics.

"This is our first event and the guys are ready and trained," ODOT County Administrator, Shawn Anverse said. "We have a very strong workforce ready to go with a lot of experience. And all of our equipment is inspected and we're ready for the winter to begin."

Starting at midnight, Wednesday, ODOT crews will be out in and around central Ohio in eight different counties to treat interstates, state and U. S. routes.

"Definitely probably bridges and overpasses and those things will be the first to get hit," Anverse said.

The city of Columbus was out, Wednesday, putting brine down on city streets. ODOT says it waited to put brine down on roads due to the threat of rain in the forecast.

Crews say they will be out as long as they're needed, but remind drivers they, too, can help.

"Allow yourself a few extra minutes when you're leaving for work," Hale said. "Give us a little bit of room to do our job and we'll get you there safe."