ODOT crews say equipment is ready, salt is stocked for winter weather


Crews working out of the Delaware County ODOT garage say they are ready for whatever winter weather Mother Nature may throw our way.

Transportation Manager Dustin Pound says local barns are fully stocked with salt, the trucks are ready and the blades are ready for the road.

ODOT drivers say annually they aim to have all the drivers trained and the equipment ready by the first of November.

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Last year, crews spent more than 12,000 hours on the road driving more than 98,000 miles.

ODOT says the goal is to have the primary routes back up to speed within two hours of a storm, something ODOT says they can complete 97 percent of the time.

With construction taking place across the city, will need to take special precaution to stay on top of road closures and delays.

“We talk to our construction department, so we are aware of what projects are going on,” Pound says.

“We go over that with our drivers so they know where all the construction zones start and stop so they won’t have any issues.”