Nurse says he was sexually assaulted by former Ohio State doctor


Another man comes forward, saying he was sexually assaulted by a former Ohio State University doctor, Richard Strauss. He's not an athlete, but a nurse.

Brian Garrett worked in an off-campus clinic Strauss opened in 1996. He said the clinic did not seem legitimate, lacking supplies and medical charts.

Garrett says Dr. Strauss had him stand in on an exam where Strauss fondled a patient’s penis until he ejaculated. Then he says Strauss examined him for heartburn and he himself was abused.

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“Next thing you know, he’s undoing my pants and pulling my pants down,” said Garrett. “Just laying there in shock, why? What is he doing? I just said I have heartburn.”

Garrett is very upset that leadership at Ohio State may have known about the abuse and didn’t take action. He is considering taking legal action but is not yet part of a lawsuit.