No fix for vandalism at Green Lawn Cemetery


An imposing arch welcomes visitors to a piece of Columbus history. Green Lawn Cemetery was founded in 1848. Names like Sullivant and Worthington grace the grave markers.

“It’s a beautiful cemetery and some of those graves are really historical,” said Lisa McGann.

History McGann shared with her daughter, Fiona, and her Girl Scout troop. They visited the cemetery to earn their geocaching badge.

“Geocashing is that treasure hunt where you follow GPS and clues to find, usually it’s just a logbook that you log or a little treasure,” said McGann.

“The geocashing led us to a lot of cool stones,” said Fiona.

But it led the girls to something else that wasn't so cool.

“Some of the tall ones had been tipped over,” said Fiona. “Was a little upsetting because it is a graveyard and it’s pretty rude to do that.”

Toppling the giant stone monuments takes effort. The cemetery told Lisa's mother it’s vandalism.

Green Lawn is a non-profit. A cemetery management company out of Philadelphia oversees operations.

They tell me crews try to right fallen stones but the graves are personal property and the responsibility of owners.

The cemetery doesn't have the money to repair them. in many cases, owners just don't exist anymore.

“It should be fixed because they’ve died and you should just try to be nice to them,” said Fiona.

The cemetery website says its supported through sales of lots, memorials and tax-deductible donations. The management company says it takes care of maintenance of the grounds but not the graves.