Next generation of women find inspiration through local organizations

YWCA Bright Futures

While many women are leading the way in their individual fields, many are also out there paving the way for the generations to come.

The local YWCA is an example of that. It is why they started the Bright Futures Program, which exists to help local female high school juniors explore social change and develop leadership skills.

The group is made up of students at more than 70 central Ohio high schools and meets on Saturdays throughout the spring semester for their workshops.

"I think everything that we can do to empower young leaders and enable them to help them to realize that they have the pwoer to start now," said LC Johnson, director of leadership & social justice programs at the YWCA Columbus. "They don't have to wait until they’re in college."

10TV talked with one of the young participants who was nominated by her school counselor.

"With only one session it has helped me understand more about myself and my worth and what I want to be and what I want to do," said Bariah Brown, a junior at New Albany High School.

Another local organization, TRANSIT ARTS, not only works to empower the next generation, but also helps kids ages 12 to 21 find their inner artist.

"I think it's important everyone receives a voice," said Katerina Harris, a program associate for TRANSIT ARTS. “No one is shut down.”

The message is one Harris learned herself at a young age when she joined TRANSIT ARTS in the 8th grade.

“What I really liked about it is that it is a second home for me,” Harris said.

Now she spends her time helping others feel at home by working through different art mediums, such as painting, music and dance.

“There is a positive environment here. And the young women can come together and be in this space where there is no judgement in how, you know, they dress and how they may act,” Harris said.

While the organization welcomes children of all genders, Harris believes that through art, young women like herself several years ago, can gain something she believes is special.

“Young women are often told to be quiet and the fact that we can, even if they are not as outspoken as others, through their art they’re able to speak as loud as they want to,” Harris said.

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