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Worthington Ghost-Hunter Shooting Property Has New Homeowner

In 2006, a teenage girl was shot at a Worthington house after ‘ghost-hunting’ with her friends. Find out what will happen to the property now.

In 2006, it was the house that everybody was afraid to visit, foreboding and frightening.

The house was across from the Walnut Grove Cemetery, surrounded by brush and completely hidden from neighbors.

Then, the home’s former owner shot at three high school girls that were ‘ghost-hunting.’

One girl was hit in the head and survived.

The owner of the home went to prison. Three years later, his mother died in the house.

It’s been boarded up ever since.

Now, the house is about to become a home.

Emma Rousculp’s mother paid $39,000 for the house. Emma and her fiancé, Mike Wilson, are planning to live in it.

First, they must get rid of all the junk.

“Yeah, completely filled with junk, and it was just really, really filthy,” said Emma.

They plan to do most of the renovation work themselves, although they admit they could use some help.

“The yard work is a lot.  I don't know.  We talked to some of the neighbors about maybe coming down and helping us clear out some of the brush,” she added.

In the midst of it all - they found a photo of the house as it once was.

“It was a really cute looking house - nice lawn, nice location, nice community. It's what we were looking for, and you know, it just worked out for us,” said

They can't wait to make it their own, and move in.

If you'd like to offer help to this couple as they renovate that eyesore, you can donate at spookyhousemakeover@gmail.com.