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Washington Court House Schools Ban Book Bags After Yik Yak Post

Washington Court House middle and high school students will not be able to take book bags inside their schools on Monday after a Yik Yak post. Get the story.

Washington Court House authorities are trying to track down a school threat that started on social media and ended with security sweeps. 

Just before 4:00 Monday morning, several law enforcement agencies arrived at Washington High and Middle Schools to do a thorough sweep.  Six bomb sniffing dogs searched inside and outside of both schools and authorities say they did not pick up anything.

Washington Court House City schools says authorities conducted the search after police spotted a profanity-filled threat posted on the social media site Yik Yak, claiming the school would blow up this morning.   Despite the all clear, sheriff's deputies remained on the scene as students arrived.

That gave parents a sense of relief.

"I'm just glad they are taking care of it and using their brains about keeping our children safe,” said parent Carrie Leasure.

The security measures included a book bag and backpack ban at the high school and middle school.  Students' books, gym clothes, or other school material had to be carried in by hand.  While most students carried their books in their arms, there were bins outside of the front door for anyone who still brought a backpack to school.

It made for a different start to the day, but parents say they understood.

"I think it is a good thing,” said parent D.J. Jenkins.  “I think all of this is just kids being kids, and I don't think there is a legitimate threat.  I think they should treat it the way they are treating it.  If kids are (making serious threats) they need to be prosecuted.

The superintendent says the search for who made the post has already begun and adds that although the threat was not credible, a quarter of the students stayed home.  The book bag ban will be in effect until further notice, according to Matthew McCorkle,