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Yes, bug spray can clear your headlights but it won’t last very long

A local auto expert also says depending on the type of bug spray, it could also do some damage.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — You may have seen videos making the rounds on social media showing people using bug spray to clear foggy headlights on a car.

It appears to work, but could the chemicals in bug spray damage your car?

To verify, we asked Chris Cozad, the owner of Alternative Auto Care, who has been running the Columbus auto body shop since 1983.

"It is possible to damage the plastic of the headlight lens or even the paint on the car so you want to be a little bit careful," she said.

Cozad said she's also heard of people sanding down their headlights or using toothpaste.

But unless you go to a professional to clean and then apply a protective seal, these are only short-term fixes and won't last very long.

So we can verify: bug spray can clear your headlights -- in the short term.

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