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Krispy Kreme debuts Halloween-inspired 'Monster Batch’ doughnuts

The ‘Monster Batch’ doughnuts will be available through October 31.
(Photo: Business Wire)

Krispy Kreme has debuted a new group of doughnuts inspired by Halloween.

The ‘Monster Batch’ doughnuts were released on Monday and will be available through October 31.

Krispy Kreme released descripts for the three doughnuts:

  • Slimon, the Slime Monster Doughnut: The original filled ring leader of the Monster Batch and known for covering everything in his path with green slime, Slimon is an Original Glazed doughnut with lemon slime filling, dipped in spooky green icing with a green Kreme dollop and covered in “slime.”
  • Mumford, the Mummy Monster Doughnut: Last seen wrapping dozens boxes and coffee cups all around the shops, Mumford is an Original Glazed doughnut “wrapped” in purple ​icing.
  • Hypno-Henry, the Cake Batter Monster: A doughnut filled with cake batter, dipped in yellow icing and orange sanding sugar with a mesmerizing icing swirl, Hypno-Henry hypnotizes fans into wanting more doughnuts. Please note: people may be unable to resist his crave-worthiness.

In addition to the new doughnuts, Krispy Kreme is offering guests a free doughnut of choice when they wear a costume on Halloween at participating shops.