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Idaho first grader takes hilarious school photo

The school photo has become a hit on social media.
(Photo via KTVB7)

NAMPA, Idaho (KTVB) — It’s that time of the year again. Time for your kids’ school pictures! Parents all over the country send their kids off to school with their hair combed, looking sharp, crossing their fingers for a decent photo.

Check out how this Nampa, Idaho first grader’s photo came out! Silas looks a little stunned. As you can imagine, his mom was stunned too when he proudly brought his photos home to her.

Silas’ mom says their neighbor kids told him to smile big. Well, he did just that. She also says the photos show his fun personality. The school photo is already a huge hit on social media.

Silas’ mom says their family thinks it’s hysterical, and they are still laughing over it. Silas thinks it’s pretty funny too! What a ham.

So will there be a retake? Mom says no. Silas is happy with his school photo just the way it is. What a memory! One day, It will be quite the story to tell.