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3rd grader gives teacher his birthday money because he doesn't think she's paid enough

Parker Williams, 9, gave his teacher some money to show his appreciation for her hard work.
(Photo via WTSP)

TAMPA, Fla. (WTSP) — In this day in age, feel-good stories are few and far between.

But this story, about a 9-year-old boy with a big heart, will likely give you renewed hope that there still is good in this world.

It really bothered Parker Williams, of Tampa, that his teacher didn't make more money.

So, Parker put $15, his birthday money, into a plastic baggie and attached a note that said:

"Dear Mrs. Chambers, I don't think that teachers get paid enough for what they do, so will you exept (sic) this gift?"

Chambers, his teacher at Gorrie Elementary, wrote a note back to Parker saying:

"I can't accept this but appreciate the gesture, Parker. Students like you are the reason I teach."

Parker's father found the letter last Friday.

"I found it the next morning in his backpack and showed it to Jennifer and we both got a little choked up. His two older brothers (twin 14-year-olds) recently created an organization called "The Young Philanthropist Society," where they hold a meeting at a place that they would want to volunteer and learn about (the animal shelter, etc) and kids get to come and share there ideas and testimonies, learn and volunteer. Parker has obviously picked up on the important principles that kids can make a huge difference," said dad Darrell Williams.

Needless to say, Williams and his wife, Jennifer, are very proud of Parker.

"He really is all that and a bag of chips," Darrell said.