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Several Reports of Horse Manes & Tails Being Cut and Stolen in Union County

A troubling trend is emerging in Union County: someone is allegedly cutting and stealing horse manes and tails

A troubling trend is emerging in Union County. Someone is allegedly cutting and stealing horse manes and tails. The Union County Sheriff’s Office has taken four reports in the last few weeks. The latest incident occurred Monday night along State Route 739 outside of Marysville.

Roberta Slone said she heard the gate rattling and saw two flashlights behind her home.

She said she called the sheriff’s office, and when the deputy arrived they went out to her pasture to investigate. It was there they found someone had cut off of the mane of Slone’s Palomino and took a chunk of hair from her Paint horse’s tail. She said around 4:30 a.m. she called the sheriff’s office again, after the prowlers came back. She said this time they cut more than hair.

Slone said, “Whoever was trying to go after my Paint’s mane actually stabbed her in the neck and caused her to bleed.”

Pony before and after the tail-cutting.

Just a few weeks ago, the owners of a Shetland pony said someone snuck onto their Union County property and cut off a portion of its tail. Those owners said they believed it happened before too.

Investigators said they believe the hair is a commodity since it is used in wigs and jewelry.

For horse owners, like Roberta, the crime is crossing the line.

“It’s a prized possession. I love my animals like I love my kids,” Slone said.

The Sheriff’s Office said there are no suspects in any of the incidents, and they are investigating to see whether or not they are connected.

They recommend horse owners not leave their horses in outside pastures overnight, and, if possible, install motion sensor lights.