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Reynoldsburg Teachers Vote To Strike

Teachers in Reynoldsburg have voted to strike after they could not reach a deal with the Board of Education.

Reynoldsburg teachers vote to go on strike.  The teachers voted overwhelmingly to reject the last proposal from the board of education. 

The teachers filed out of the union hall with their picket signs, stood shoulder to shoulder and let their emotions run free.

“We love you, we will miss you, we will worry about you, we feel we are doing the right thing for the students,”  said REA spokesperson Kathy Evans.

A message to the students and an explanation as to how this happened.

“The board’s proposal that was brought to us, the last, best final offer, was barely changed from the offer that we rejected a week and a half ago,”  Evans said.

So the teachers voted it down overwhelmingly.

“Tina Thomas Manning and the board of education’s refusal to accept our proposal which costs less than the board of education’s last, best and final offer is forcing us to go on strike,”  said Evans.

Board President Andrew Swope says the offer was considered and countered then the board suggested binding arbitration.

“Which would facilitate us meeting with a neutral party and letting them make the decision ,”  said Swope.

“The board’s demand to submit to binding arbitration shirks their responsibility to negotiate a contract that is fair and responsible to our students, our teachers and our community,”  Evans said.

So the teachers head home, signs in hand, prepared to hit the picket line in the morning.