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Proposed House Bill Would Allow Holders To Carry Concealed Weapons More Public Places

A state lawmaker says it's time that licensed concealed carry weapon owners are allowed to take their guns wherever they want.

Jennifer Thorne knows first- hand what it's like to stare down the barrel of a gun.  She was robbed at gun point while she was in college working as a cashier at a furniture store. 

But when it comes to allowing licensed concealed weapons holders to carry or fire their guns inside a public place Jennifer, who is the Executive Director of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence is against it.   “That's going to put the safety of our families and children at risk,” she explains.

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Under House Bill 48, proposed at the statehouse by Republican Representative Ron Maag (Lebanon), concealed carry license holders would have the right to take their guns inside public buildings, day cares, houses of worship, police stations and on college campuses.

Just three states allow concealed carry on campus: Utah, Idaho, and Colorado.

In Ohio, carrying a concealed weapon without a license is illegal, but that could change if House Bill 48 becomes law

The Buckeye Firearms Association helped craft House Bill 48.  Spokesman Linda Walker explains that she shouldn’t have to get government permission to carry her gun.   “It's a God-given right to self-defense.  As the more people who have been able to carry, it's a proven fact that crime has gone down.”

However, Thorne argues that there's no credible evidence that the prevalence of gun will make the public safer.

It's a debate that has both sides at odds about allowing more people to pack heat in places now off-limits.

“All of this has trampled upon our Second Amendment rights,” adds Walker.

Meanwhile, the bill would also allow CCW holders to carry their weapons inside airport terminals.


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