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Ohio Redistricting Commission in jeopardy of being in contempt of court

The commission has struggled to come up with a map that both Democrats and Republicans can agree on.
Credit: WBNS-10TV / Chris Poturalski
File photo - The Ohio Statehouse

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Chants of "Do Your Job" and "Fair Maps Now" echoed inside the Ohio Statehouse room where members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission met once again to debate legislative redistricting maps.

The gallery became angry when lawmakers voted 5-2 down party lines not to re-hire independent map makers.

The commission has struggled to come up with a map that both Democrats and Republicans can agree on. Four maps have been submitted to the Ohio Supreme Court for approval and all four have been rejected for a variety of reasons, including compactness and gerrymandering.

On Tuesday, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose warned that even if a map was approved, it would be impossible for him to direct the Board of Elections across the state to begin preparing ballots for Aug. 2. 

This is because the maps must be approved by a supermajority of the legislature. LaRose said he doesn't believe lawmakers could convene that quickly because it requires 24-hour notice.

Democrats said the redistricting commission wasted 22 days by not convening to tweak what is known as the "third map" or the map created by independent map makers. 

"We have a very flawed process. In the long run, we have to go back to the voters and come up with a new system. This system does not work," said Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.

"If this is how this commission is going to proceed forward, then hold us in contempt," said House Minority Leader Allison Russo.

The map controversy appears to be headed to the federal court as the final arbitrator. 

The federal court has ruled that if a map is not agreed upon by May 28, it would select a map approved by the Republicans.  

The Redistricting Commission will meet again on Thursday.

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