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Face the State with Scott Light | July 14, 2019

This week: Stalemate at the Statehouse, The Affordable Care Act, farmers struggling and pornography debate.

This week on Face The State:

  • Stalemate at the Statehouse - Both the House and the Senate have their own versions of the state budget, but haven't been able to find a middle ground. The final draft is long overdue and negotiations are getting stuck on things like tax cuts the coal plant bailout.
  • The Affordable Care Act - The Fifth Circuit is currently weighing the latest legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act. Last week, Ohio leaders voiced their concern that wiping out the coverage all together would deal a huge blow to nearly a million Ohioans and 20 million Americans. We look at the arguments for and against the ACA.
  • Low Crops and Your Dinner - Inconsistent weather has Ohio's corn farmers struggling. Now their problems are landing in your grocery cart. We've got a look at the items that will cost you more this and next, and what can be done to help those farmers.
  • A Pornography Debate - Some Republican lawmakers say a public health crisis has to be declared in order to warn Ohioans about the dangers of pornography. We break down the bill and both sides of the debate.

Guests this week:

  • Michael Stinziano - Franklin County Auditor
  • Christiane Schmenk - Union County Commissioner
  • Jo Ingles - The Statehouse News Bureau