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Doctors Appear In Ohio To Fight Medical Marijuana Campaign

While supporters of medical marijuana continue efforts to put the issue on the ballot, opponents met in Columbus on Wednesday.

Supporters of legalizing medical marijuana in Ohio are currently circulating petitions to put the issue on the ballot.

A group of medical professionals met in Columbus on Wednesday to speak out against those efforts.

The group said they are not very sympathetic to the practice of using marijuana to help people with terminal illnesses. They say the FDA has yet to prove that it helps in any way.

Dr. Andrea Barthwell was a drug official in the President George W. Bush administration and paints marijuana as addictive and dangerous.

"Doctors have something that is FDA approved, reliable and tested to treat every illness people claim will be better, or reduced suffering, when using marijuana," said Barthwell.

Barthwell acknowledges the proponents of medical marijuana have been successful in moving the public relations meter their direction, but she insists that there are better alternatives.

Supporters started collecting signatures in May for a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow medical marijuana in Ohio.

They point to recent polling that shows a majority of voters on their side.

There's been no final decision on when the issue would appear on a statewide ballot, but it could be an issue next year.

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