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Abortion-rights, anti-abortion activists rally at Ohio Statehouse

Hundreds of abortion-rights and anti-abortion activists filled the west lawn of the Ohio Statehouse on Saturday.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — “Bans off our bodies” was the theme of Saturday’s protest against a possible overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Hundreds of abortion-rights activists filled the west lawn of the Ohio Statehouse, many emotionally protesting the right to choose. 

Meanwhile, anti-abortion activists lined up behind them expressing their views, all waiting to hear the final decision from the U.S. Supreme Court centered around abortion.

“Unfortunately, my mom has a lot of practice protesting this,” said Molly Willow, who protested with her 74-year-old mother. 

The two were chanting while shedding tears of sorrow for the possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned. 

“When I was explaining this to my kids today, I was trying to keep it focused on 'I got to choose to have you',” Willow said.

“Ohio is an overwhelming pro-choice state. Ohioans support the right to abortion guaranteed by roe, and therefore when our rights are on the line, we turn out.,” said Kelly Hall, a field organizing fellow for Planned Parenthood of Ohio.

Medical professionals also joined the rally in white coats, including pediatrician Dr. Elise Berlan.

“We know that abortion is essential healthcare, and in particular young people will be affected by bans on abortion,” Berlan said. 

Anti-abortion rights activists from the group Created Equal which originally started in Columbus Ohio also showed up with what they call “gruesome images” of unborn children.

“We know that these photos are the biggest piece of evidence we have against abortion,” said Lexie Hall, of Created Equal. “Yes, these photos are gruesome, because abortion is gruesome,”

Hall said the group focuses on educating teens and young adults on alternative options to abortions as well as funding centers to provide medical care for pregnant women.

“We believe there is financial, medical help for women who are pregnant. We support centers that do that. We raised thousands of dollars for women, driven women to prenatal appointments, helped women move, helped women in abusive relationships. We want to help these,” said Gabriel Vance, of Created Equal.

Activists from both sides say they will continue voicing each group’s concerns until that final decision from the Supreme Court is announced.

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