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Opponents Start Gathering Signatures For Petitions Against Senate Bill 5

Many Ohioans are hoping to sign a petition to get a referendum Senate Bill 5 on the November ballot.

Several thousand people signed a petition to get a referendum on Senate Bill 5 on the Novembergeneral election ballot on Saturday.
People against the collective bargaining bill signed the petition with hopes of getting theneeded 230,000 signatures across by the end of June. If the goal is reached, the referendum torepeal the bill will be on the November ballot,10TV's Danielle Elias reported.
When opponents of the bill signed the petitions, they saw a booklet which contains the exactwording of Senate Bill 5, Elias reported.
"It's not going to be good for the state, it's not going to be good for the communities,"said Lou Peters, a We Are Ohio volunteer. "I think we need to stand up against these people thatare trying to get this accomplished."
Peters said he was fighting for teachers, firefighters and other public employees. 
"Teachers aren't teachers for the money and for summers off. We are teachers because we wantto help out all people and all families, but we'll be losing out on our own," said Jason Howe, aDublin City Schools teacher.
Ohio Department of Natural Resources employee Katherine Rossmann agreed.
"It just seems very un-American and very unpatriotic to limit workers' rights to speak outabout their workplace and their conditions of work," Rossmann said.

Although the majority of the Ohioans at the event were opposed to the bill, some were for it.The supporters of Senate Bill 5 said the measure will help get Ohio out of a massive budget deficitand will increase flexibility in the workplace, Elias reported.
"So what S.B. 5 will let us do, I think as managers, is to really control costs in a way thatmeans we don't have to fire a single teacher, a single firefighter, a single police officer, andkeep services up while keeping cost down," said Matt Mayer of Buckeye Institute.
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