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Ohio Highway Patrol Official Ousted Over Alleged Gov. Residence Plot

An Ohio State Highway Patrol official has been relieved of his duties in an alleged smuggling plot involving inmates working at the Governor's Residence.

An Ohio State Highway Patrol official was relieved of his duties and was placed under anadministrative investigation on Friday over an alleged smuggling plot involving inmates working atthe Ohio Governor's Residence.

Maj. Robert Booker was in charge of a plan to arrest a drug suspect who troopers thought wasgoing to convey drugs at Gov. Ted Strickland's residence, 10 Investigates' Paul Aker reported.

The plan was to arrest a woman in a sting operation just after she made the drop, but OhioPublic Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor called off the sting and told troopers to warn thewoman instead.

Booker was involved in a phone conference where he was told to stop the sting by Collins-Taylor,Aker reported.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Booker is not under investigation because of theoutcome of the case, but rather his handling of the situation.

The news surprised Franklin County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Steve Martin, who said that Booker hasalways shown the highest level of character.

"(Booker) has impeccable credentials, impeccable integrity," Martin said.  "I think he'sone of the best law enforcement guys I have come into contact with."

Booker's executive officer, Michelle Henderson, was more closely involved in the details of theoperation and is not under investigation, but was reassigned to a post outside of headquarters,Aker reported.

According to the patrol, the move was not related and was planned before 10 Investigatesuncovered the incident at the Governor's Residence.

On Thursday, Strickland told Aker that nobody at any level should face scrutiny related to thecase.

"I don't know why they would be under scrutiny," Strickland said.  "I don't know thatanybody has done anything wrong or inappropriate."

10 Investigates has made repeated requests to speak with Collins-Taylor, but she has declined tocomment.

She was not in her office on Friday, Aker reported.

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