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Jill Biden's dress for president's speech nearly identical to inauguration dress

Both dresses came from the same designer, who uses recycled material, and were nearly identical except for the color.

First Lady Jill Biden's dress was the talk of social media Wednesday night as she attended the first joint address to Congress by President Joe Biden.

InStyle reports the first lady wore an "upcycled silk wool cady dress by Gabriela Hearst. The sleeves and top were sheer and featured 51 embroidered flowers, representing the United States of America and the District of Columbia." Acompanying it was a face mask with floral embroidery.

The dress was similar to one she wore on the night of President Biden's inauguration. But while that one was white, the one Mrs. Biden wore Wednesday was black. Both were from the same designer.

InStyle reports Hearst is known for using recycled material in her designs.

Credit: Joshua Roberts and Doug Mills/The New York Times via AP, Pool)
First Lady Jill Biden at President Joe Biden's address to Congress, left, on April 28, 2021, and on inauguration night, Jan. 20, 2021.

According to her website, Hearst was born in Uruguay and grew up on her family's ranch where the idea of sustainability was a part of life.

“There’s this idea that nothing can go to waste when you’re in a remote area,” she says. “You’re always thinking twice and repurposing everything.” reads a quote from her website.

Hearst, who was given her father's ranch in 2011, uses silk, cashmere, linen and wool from the ranch in her designs.

"Gabriela also uses biodegradable Tipa packaging, is committed to being plastic-free and is investing in zero waste stores," her website reads.

President Biden declared Wednesday night in his first address to a joint session of Congress that “America is rising anew," and pointed optimistically to the nation's emergence from the pandemic as a vital moment to rebuild the U.S. economy and fundamentally transform government roles in American life. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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