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FedEx raising fuel surcharges amid high gas prices

While the fuel surcharge regularly varies from week to week, FedEx is rolling out new tables to determine how much that costs.

WASHINGTON — While the price of gas has started to slowly decrease from record-highs, it may cost you a little bit more to ship something with FedEx next month. The company has announced it will be raising its fuel surcharges for FedEx Express, Ground and Freight shipments.

A change in the fuel surcharge is not that out of the ordinary. The fuel surcharges FedEx and other shipping companies implement tend to change on a week-by-week basis.  

Starting April 4, FedEx will roll out new fuel surcharge tables for determining those amounts. 

For example, the FedEx Ground domestic fuel surcharge is at 16.25% from March 21-March 27, based on the price per gallon of diesel being between $5.17 and $5.26. 

In the updated tables that take effect on April 4, the fuel surcharge in that same situation for FedEx Express would be 18%. 

Fuel surcharges have also been on the rise in recent weeks at UPS as the entire country grapples with higher gas prices due to the war in Ukraine and other factors. 

Lyft and Uber have both implemented temporary fuel surcharges to help their drivers deal with high gas prices. Lyft implemented a 55 cents per ride fee, while Uber's fuel surcharge is either 45 or 55 cents on each trip and either 35 or 45 cents on each Uber Eats order.  

According to AAA, the national average for a gallon of regular gas has dipped slightly to $4.23. Earlier this month, it had spiked to a record-setting $4.43 per gallon. That price well exceeded the prior all-time high of $4.11 set in July 2008. But that's still quite a ways from the inflation-adjusted record high of about $5.24 per gallon. 

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