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7-year-old rings bell at Buffalo hospital after 2-year battle with Leukemia

Gabby Flett had open-heart surgery. After a few months, doctors discovered she had cancer.

ELMA, N.Y. — It's impossible to not smile around 7-year-old Gabby Flett.  

"She has that effect on a lot of people," said Joe Flett, Gabby's dad. "We always say she's got a happy heart. That's her thing."

Now this happy heart is getting even more ecstatic. 

"She's been through more at seven than I have been through at 35," Joe Flett said. 

After two and a half year battle with Leukemia, Gabby rang the bell at Roswell.

It's music to Gabby's parent's ears now that she's cancer free. 

"You know how taking off a plane, you get that elated feeling? That's what I noticed. Maybe that's the feeling of the weight of the world coming off your shoulders," Joe Flett said. 

"She doesn't know what it's like not to get her blood drawn or take her meds every night. Even last night, she was like mommy I have to take my meds. There are no meds, we're done," said Katie Flett, Gabby's mom. 

Gabby has spent most of her life in hospitals.

She was born with down syndrome and due to a side effect, had to have open heart surgery at five.

"A couple of months later, we got blindsided a little bit with her getting diagnosed with Leukemia," Joe Flett said. "She actually went into remission six or seven weeks after she was diagnosed."

Gabby's oncologist told her family she would still need to have chemo treatments. 

During the height of COVID, it kept her from her new, baby sister Nora for 30 days. 

"Even trying to do Facetime with her, you could see she would get happy but as soon as we were done she would be sad because she just wanted to be home with her baby sister," Katie Flett said. 

Even though things were hard, Gabby used her heart to make her doctors happy.

Last week, she had her last chemo treatment, her port was removed and she had her final blood test before ringing the bell Tuesday. 

Gabby is finally getting what every parent wants for their child.

"It's a big sigh of relief because she can just be a kid again," Katie Flett said. 

She's also getting what every child deserves.

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