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Multimillionaire Lottery Winner Dies Nearly Broke

The Florida man and his ex-wife won $13 million in 1990, but the money was spent on gambling, gifts and luxuries.
A former Florida Lotto multimillionaire has died nearly broke.

Alex Toth's attorney says he was ill and still facing federal tax fraud chargeswhen he died at age 60. The county health department says he died April 5 but a cause was notlisted.

Alex and Rhoda Toth won a $13 million jackpot in 1990. But the Pasco County couplesay most of the money ran out years ago, spent on gambling, gifts and luxuries.

They were charged in 2006 with filing false tax returns. Alex Toth was scheduled tostand trial in June. His wife has already accepted a plea agreement from prosecutors.

The couple split up last year when Alex Toth went to a medical facility to be treated for mentalproblems that had left him unable to stand trial.

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