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Multi-Million Dollar Problem With Columbus Police Headquarters

Construction crews are trying to correct a problem with Columbus police headquarters that the city says should have been caught more than a decade ago. Get the story.

Faulty construction is being blamed for a multi-million dollar blunder at Columbus Division of Police. Officials say tax dollars are being used to fix that problem.

For the next six months, construction crews will try to correct a problem the city says should have been caught more than a decade ago.
Engineers determined the police headquarters leaks both hot and cold air through tiny spaces between it's stone facade.

Experts say a barrier was suppose to be in place before 450-pound blocks of stone were installed.
Now, all 7,000 stones are coming down and new installation installed in order for this building to work properly.

Dave Bush, Columbus city assistant director of Finance and management, say the process will cost about $6.2 million.

City officials say they are working to to ensure the project is done right this time.

They are taking photos of the construction regularly so there is a permanent record of every detail of installation.