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Man Who Fell Off Cantwell Cliffs Says Others Should Learn From His Story

A man who fell while taking a picture of an ice formation knows he is lucky to be alive and says other hikers should learn from his error.

On February 18, Seth Wyckoff fell off Cantwell Cliffs in the Hocking Hills.

“I remember most of everything" says 28-year-old Seth Wyckoff. “I remember catching some ice and taking my feet out from under me.”

Seth says he came to the Cantwell Cliffs to take a picture of an ice formation.  He was standing on a ledge just above it when he fell 50 feet to the bottom,

“Just like in a movie, I was clawing just to grab onto something,” he says.

He says he felt like he was falling in slow motion.

“I remember going over the fall in a freefall, a feeling of weightlessness. As soon as that happened, my mind told me to look down and see where I was going to fall,” he says.

He landed on Ice.

“I spit out 5 to 6 teeth when I hit the bottom", he says.

He also broke his back in two places, fractured his cheek bone, and broke a leg and his left heel.

His x-rays look like the nail section of a hardware store.

“It's a very cautionary tale", he says.

Seth admits he was hiking in a place he shouldn't have been.

“There was a sign that was 20 feet from where I was that said you shouldn't go that way", he says.

Wyckoff says the fall taught him that hiking in areas where you should not, could cost you your life.  

“I wouldn't wish this on anyone", he says.

Doctors told him he'll be able to walk someday and return to the place where he nearly lost his life.

Only next time, he says, he won't make the same mistake of hiking on a ledge that's off limits.

“I'm extremely lucky", he says
Seth says his medical bills are more than $200,000. His family has set-up an auction to help him raise money for his bills.