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Worthington mom battles cancer while pregnant, shares message of strength in family

Cancer is a disease Adriana Lashley, unfortunately, knows all too well. Not only did her mom beat it twice, but Adriana was also diagnosed at age 31, while she was pregnant.

It's never easy becoming a first-time mom.

But for Adriana Lashley, motherhood started off in a way she never imagined - with a cancer diagnosis.

"I didn't think it was possible, I'm too young, I'm pregnant, I'm supposed to be worried about getting my vitamins. All of a sudden I had to worry about treatment," she said were the thoughts that went through her mind when she found out.

Adriana got her diagnosis the same day as her 30-week ultrasound.

Her mom was here by her side, who knew what to expect, having beat breast cancer twice herself.

"I was like it can't be happening, I knew what she would go through, the treatment, the surgery, she's too young, it's not really easy," said Adriana de la Pena, while holding back tears, "I was thinking of my grandchild, is she going to be ok?"

Adriana was Induced at 35 weeks and started treatment immediately.

"It's tough, stressful, sad, you get your warrior face on, you think let's do whatever it takes, let's have this baby," she says.

After having a healthy and happy Emma, Adriana says the battle wasn't over.

She spent many days at the hospital, she couldn't breastfeed or hold her daughter when she got her first ear infection.

Through it all, her mom was right there, holding Emma when needed, while telling Adriana what to expect.

"I felt like if my mom was that strong, I need to be that strong. She was a great example that you can have a life through treatment and after," Adriana said.

It's a powerful message, Adriana hopes to pass down to her daughter, once she's old enough to know what her mom and grandmother beat.

"Any obstacle, any challenge that she can face it with the strength. Knowing that my family has been through worse, we can get through anything," she said.

Currently, Adriana is recovering from reconstructive surgery.

For about 6-8 weeks Adriana can't pick up Emma, so her mom is there to help.

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