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Foods that will increase your energy

A dietician gives advice to boost energy.

Karina Nova and Ross Caruso speak with Adrienne Raimo, an integrative and functional dietitian from One Bite Wellness about food that gives you energy.

Raimo says these foods can naturally increase energy:

1. Coffee alternatives
2. Healthy fats
3. Maca
4. Spirulina
5. Greens + goji berries
6. Chia seeds
7. Cacao nibs- form of chocolate with antioxidants, minerals and fiber
8. Water

Raimo also gave a recipe for her Express Detox Green Smoothie and Energy Balls.

Express Detox Green Smoothie:

Water or coconut water
Lemon juice
Frozen banana
Ginger root

Energy Balls:

Coconut oil, melted
Shredded coconut
Cacao powder (or cocoa)
Maple syrup
Vanilla extract
Cayenne powder
Maca powder