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Three men charged with aiming laser pointers at OSHP aircraft

One suspect believed he was pointing the laser at a UFO, according to court documents.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Three men are now facing felony charges after being accused of aiming laser pointers at Ohio State Highway Patrol aircraft.

The first incident happened around 10 p.m. on Tuesday, June 2.

According to court records, 31-year-old Brynt Gunn aimed a laser into the cockpit of an OSHP helicopter while in his vehicle.

Officials say he was near Hudson and Interstate 71 and East Hudson Street when it happened. He was tracked by air, and troopers on the ground caught up with him and arrested him. Records show the laser pointer was found in the front passenger seat.

His preliminary hearing is set for June 17.

Just a few hours later, around midnight on Wednesday, June 3, Columbus police got another call about a laser aimed at an OSHP chopper.

Gregory Dunwoody, 31, is now facing charges.

According to court records, when officers found him, he admitted to pointing the laser at the aircraft. Officers recovered the laser pointer.

Dunwoody has a preliminary hearing set for June 18.

Later that night, around 11 p.m. on Wednesday, a state patrol aircraft was flying above the protest happening near the OSU campus area when one of the pilots had his vision disrupted by a laser, according to court records.

An officer on board was able to trace the laser to an address on the ground. Columbus police responded. Before officers could arrive, the troopers in the aircraft reported seeing the suspect, 23-year-old Samuel Harvey, run from the house into a vehicle on the street and drive away.

Officers on the ground caught up with Harvey and made a traffic stop. Court records show a laser pointer was found on him.

His preliminary hearing is set for June. 12.