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Those who protect and serve were served a homemade Christmas dinner

Community groups gather to feed police officers who are working on Christmas Day.

Plate after bowl after dish, a conference table inside Columbus Police Department’s 20th Precinct was stuffed with all sort of homemade treats. Larry Marshall and dozens of his neighbors cooked and baked the spread, not for the families, but for the men and women in blue.

“We want to build that relationship and be involved in the community. What better way to be involved in your community than see the smiles on the faces when you provide them with this,” Marshall said.

Smile they did, as they chewed.

“Walking in and seeing the spread was quite overwhelming,” said Sergeant Matt Serror.

For the past 10 years the far east area commission have been bringing in cookies and food.

“A lot of the food made its way around to the other sub stations, the east side and the far south side as well. We made sure if you walked away hungry, it was your own fault,” said Sgt. Serror.

Sergeant Serror explains his officers couldn't do their jobs without the help from the community, and this is just another example of those relationships.

“I think it shows that people care for them to take time out of their day to go and cook something, and not only spend their time that they are never going to get back, but to spend their hard earned money on us as well,” he said.

Marshall explains there were three turkeys, a ham, one-thousand cookies, and all the rest of the fixings. We couldn't help but notice the vegetables left over.

“There's no proof of a cookie to broccoli ratio, but one exists,” Sgt Serror explained with a smile on his face.

All joking aside, both sides walk away with full hearts and tummies.

“It's getting people to do things for the police. If you see the faces on the officers,” Marshall said.

“The generosity extended today is certainly not something we are owed, but is greatly appreciated. We are very thankful for that,” said Sgt. Serror.

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