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The traditional snow day: what’s old is new again

Now that remote learning is a thing of the distant past, the traditional snow day is back.

MARYSVILLE, Ohio — Students playing in the fresh snow still have fresh on their minds the days of learning from home.

Those virtual days are in the distant past, and the traditional snow day is back.

Marysville middle school students say Reservoir Park is the best place to spend a snow day.

“It feels good because I don't have to sit at home doing nothing,” said Kassie, a middle school student. “I get to come out and play in the snow."

Even though the snow had transitioned to a light rain Wednesday morning, this group of students were determined to get outside.

“Didn’t even stop us,” said Carter, another student.

Credit: 10TV/WBNS

While was fun for some, it was a busy day for city crews.

“We're hoping everything cleans up here in the next you know 24 to 36 hours, but you never know with the weather,” said Jeremy Hoyt, Marysville’s public service director.

Marysville was among other districts like Delaware, Olentangy, and Hilliard which also had snow days. According to Hilliard City Schools, while they have the tools in place for a remote learning day, they need ample notice to be sure students have their devices ready to go and teachers have time to create a virtual lesson plan.

“Using remote learning should be reserved for times when students are going to be out for an extended period of time,” explained Melissa Cropper, president of the Ohio Federation of Teachers. “It just doesn't make sense to use remote learning for one day here one day there. Rather than trying to force something to happen on a snow day, it's better to just take that break. Let kids enjoy being home that day. Pick up the work when they get back to the classroom the following day.”

On a day like this, Caden, another middle school student, puts it best: “I have two rules. One is to have fun and two is to listen to rule number one.”

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