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Teacher gives tips on schooling from home

Emily Ross, a kindergarten teacher here in central Ohio has some helpful tips for parents.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — As many kids begin the new school year remotely, parents might be wondering -- what's the best set up for learning from home? 

Emily Ross, a kindergarten teacher here in central Ohio has some helpful tips for parents. Most importantly, she says there are just two things to keep in mind. "We know that you're not teachers," she says. "Just do your best, and love your kid. If you do those two things, as a teacher," she adds, "that's what I really want my parents to do, that are teaching their kids from home."

One of the most important things, Emily says, is to make sure your kids are comfortable in their learning environment. "For the younger grades," she says, "maybe it's they get to bring a teddy bear to school with them for the day. That's their buddy. And incorporate that when you're reading. Having them read to their teddy bear."

Since all kids will be spending so much time in one particular spot, make sure they have a comfortable, personalized place to sit. "Let them go to Ikea and get like, a bosu ball or a bean bag, you know? Something where they can be comfortable," she says, "because if you're comfortable, you're going to make the best of it."

Another big tip, unless it's necessary for school, get rid of the electronics. "Do they need to have a dark, quiet place?" Emily asks. "No, but you know, the TV should probably be off," she says. When it comes to mobile phones, Emily says, "We don't allow them in the classroom. I don't think they should be in the home classroom, either." She admits that might not be a popular idea with kids "(they) are probably booing me," she says, "but I don't care. If you are in my classroom, there is no phone."

When it comes to what sort of space works best for your kids, it really depends on their age and what sort of learning they'll be doing.

This morning on 10TV Emily took a look at Angela An, Pete Scalia, and Jeff Booth's setups for their kids. Watch the video above to see her tips and critiques for each one -- from pre-K to elementary school to high school students -- and share your home back-to-school setups on the 10 This Morning Facebook page!

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