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Special prosecutors appointed to investigate Casey Goodson Jr. shooting

The appointment also comes just days after the Franklin County Sheriff's Office announced that deputy Jason Meade will retire July 2 on disability.

Two special prosecutors have been appointed in the case of the Franklin County Sheriff's deputy who fatally shot Casey Goodson Jr. in the back five times. 

Franklin County Prosecutor Gary Tyack named Tim Merkle and Gary Shroyer to assist with investigating and prosecuting the fatal shooting of the 23-year-old man by Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy Jason Meade in an encounter that is still largely unexplained and involved no body camera or dashcam footage.

The appointment of Merkle and Shroyer to the case was made as “the appropriate course of action given” the county prosecutor’s office serves as legal counsel to the sheriff’s office and anticipates having to defend the county and the law enforcement agency in this case, Tyack said in a release.

Shroyer and Merkle are set to start their services on June 11 and June 19, respectively. 

Meade, a 17-year veteran of the sheriff's office, was working with a U.S. Marshals Office fugitive task force on Dec. 4, 2020.

The task force had just finished an unsuccessful search for a fugitive when Goodson allegedly drove by and waved a gun at Meade.

Meade confronted Goodson outside his vehicle in front of a residence. A witness said Meade commanded Goodson to drop his gun. When he didn't, Meade shot him.

Goodson's family said he was shot while walking into his home carrying food.

The appointment also comes just days after the sheriff's office announced that Meade will retire July 2 on disability.