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Sisters join local effort to throw birthday parties for homeless children

Camie and Paisley Barber are collecting birthday supplies from people across the country for Brightening Birthdays, a program of Volunteers of America.

COLUMBUS - Campbell and Paisley Barber ripped through dozens of unopened boxes from Amazon. The sisters received tons of packages from people across the country, and it wasn't even Christmas.

The girls opened each box in awe.

"Paw Patrol cups. paw Patrol napkins," said Paisley in excitement. Those certainly aren't typical gifts, but the 9-year-old and 8-year-old didn't receive them for a typical reason.

"We decided to start gathering birthday supplies and we're going to throw Birthdays for those kids," said Campbell, affectionately nicknamed Camie.

"Those" kids Camie spoke of are children who are homeless.

"One day on the news we saw that homeless people don't get Birthdays. And we thought that we should like to throw birthday parties for them," Camie said.

So, the sisters, with the help of their mommy, are collecting birthday supplies of various themes and will donate them to Brightening Birthdays, a program ran by Volunteers of America.

Brightening Birthdays provides birthday parties for children whose families can't afford to throw the party themselves.

"Any kind of age, you should be cared and loved," said Paisley. "People should always, like, wish you happy birthdays."

The girls hope their effort to give back will bring joy to those who it benefits.

"If I didn't have a birthday, I would feel like no one loved me and I really want them to feel loved inside," said Camie.

Brightening Birthdays serves people in Columbus and Sandusky areas.