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Reynoldsburg teacher on paid leave following 'negative interaction' with students in class

Superintendent Dr. Tracy Reed says the incident is currently under investigation.

REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio — In her first interview since taking office, Reynoldsburg City Schools Superintendent Dr. Tracy Reed says she cannot give too many details about the alleged incident that took place Thursday at Reynoldsburg High School Livingston campus.

Friday afternoon, dozens of students at the school lined up on Livingston Avenue while protesting a teacher who was placed on paid administrative leave Thursday.

“We want to investigate the situation,” Dr. Reed said. “We want to follow the process and then we will handle it appropriately.”

“The principal, Scott Bennett, sent an email to parents saying this was an ‘alleged negative interaction between a teacher and the class’,” 10TV’s Bryant Somerville asked Dr. Reed. “What can you say?”

“The staff member is on administrative leave,” she said. “We’re investigating this situation and at this point there’s not a whole lot more that I can share and so we’re gonna make sure we follow the district’s process and procedures as it relates to handling a situation such as this.”

10TV has seen the video that shows what happens, but is choosing not to air it until the video’s creator gives permission.

“I think the district needs to understand that, right now, there’s a video circulating online and social media showing this teacher apparently talking to the student [and] talking to the entire class about words they do not want said in their classroom,” Somerville said to Reed. “They rattle off a handful of expletives before finishing that list of words not to say with a vulgar, racist word.”

“So, the district’s position is we want to create a positive and nurturing environment for all of our kids,” Dr. Reed said.

Dr. Reed says she chose Reynoldsburg because of its diversity, inclusive environment and respect for others.

“If this turns out a vulgar, racist comment was said – how does that sit with you and your leadership with this district,” Somerville asked.

“I am an inclusive leader and so we want to make sure, again, I can’t tell you one way or another what an outcome would be, but my goal is to make sure we follow due process and we do, by law, what we need to do,” Reed said.

The district says the school was placed on “Raider Pause” for the remainder of the day on Thursday out of an abundance of caution because the energy in the building “was high” following the incident.

 According to RCS “Raider Pause” is similar to a lockdown but is not as severe.

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